Saryna Key

The Secret To Perfect Hair
Comes from Pure African Shea Butter.

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Damage Repair


For dry, brittle hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments, heat and peroxide. The damage repair line has the largest concentration of shea butter and works to bring coarse damaged hair back to life.

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Volume Lift


For hair that lacks volume and body. Especially great for naturally fine hair. The volume lift line contains the least amount of the active shea butter to build volume and prevent hair from feeling heavy.

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Curl Control


For curly hair. Our curl control line has been a salon favorite for years! With active shea butter, it hydrates hair and defines curls while maintaining a naturally soft appearance.

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Our knowledge and experience with African shea butter enables us to give the ultimate and complete solution for all hair types. Unique Pro products are suited for use alongside our other lines to provide a comprehensive hair treatment that leaves hair shiny, healthy and strong.

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Our dry body oil will instantly infuse skin with an anti-oxidant rich combination of shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil. These nourishing oils will lock moisture in to keep skin hydrated all day long. The vitamin complex improves skin’s overall texture and tone, resulting in soft and hydrated skin.

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